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Dental Web Design


Dental Web Design

keep these strategies in mind for your dental website!

Web Design for Dentists – Keep a few basic goals in mind when creating your dentist site. As a dental professional, you should aim to educate your patients, show them that you operate a trustworthy practice, and highlight the services and specialties you offer.

Now that you know what you should aim to do, let’s take a closer look at what current and potential patients expect from a dental website.


Web Design Functionality

While aesthetics are very important to you dental website, is must be designed with the users functionality in mind. If it is impossible or hand to find important information, your users will quickly abandon the site and move to the next result.


Make sure to have clear CTA (Calls to Action) such as “Book Appointment” or “We are Located

Most users are likely looking for the Services, Appointments, & Location. Display it on every page so its easy to find! – Don’t forget other basic information like your address, phone number, hours and a contact form. 

For example, if you are a Toronto Dentist, be sure to list the exact neighbourhood such as “The Beaches, Toronto” and make sure to advise on parking as well as walking directions. This process will help users navigate your site with ease and improve your Toronto Dental SEO. 

Dental Web Design FAQ
Dental SEO Basics

Dentist Website FAQ

Provide answers to frequently asked questions

Not everyone has the time to pick up the phone and call for basic questions, in fact most people don’t even want to talk to a person until it’s time to book an appointment. Because of this, it’s vital to keep your dental website FAQ updated with easy to understand answers to all the frequently asked questions for your practice.

Information such as services provided, pricing, insurance and any other question that are repeatedly asked. All it requires is typing out what you are likely saying on a day to day basis or what your front desk is answering on the phone everyday. Having this information will build more trust with your potential patients and provide more credibility to search engines like google!


A user friendly site should guide the user to find everything they need as fast as possible with as little clicking necessary. Keep headings and basic information simple and easy to find to ensure the user does not abandon the site quickly. 

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Reach more patients with A Fresh dental Web Design

Now that you understand the importance of a proper Web Design for dentists, you likely have questions on how to get started. Schedule a free strategy session with us to understand what you can do with your Dental Website.

Responsive Dental Web Design


Your dental website should be optimized for mobile devices firstly, as over 75% of your users will be using on their mobile device on the go.  Mobile first dental web design means taking in to account a simple menu structure, easy to find information and ensuring all your images, text and graphics respond to all device sizes.

Web Design For Dentists


SEO For Dentists

SEO marketing or Dental SEO might not be high on your list of priorities when creating or developing a dental web site however without search engine optimization, it will be difficult for new patients or current patients to find you. Check out our blog on Dental SEO Basics!

Design Aesthetics

High-Quality Images & Video

Photos easily put people at ease and create a comfort to them as they get to see how great your dental office is before they even walk in.  Showcasing high-quality content with beautiful photos if your interior, exterior and staff will ease the transition from potential patient to new patient!  – Avoid typical stock photos and aim for real people and real photos of your dental office.

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Dental Website Content

Friendly, professional Natural language

Casual and professional language will help your user find friendly dental advice and information. Using proper tonne will keep your readers interested and set an expectation for your practice. 

Consider the following two excerpts:

Excerpt 1: We are 123 Family Dentistry. Our dental practice is made up of 8 certified board dentists who take pride in their work. We have a variety of general procedures such as: implants, veneers, crowns and fillings. We are most known for our attention to detail in a comfortable setting, and we look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Excerpt 2: Welcome to 123 Family Dentistry! When you visit our office rest assured that you will be well taken care of by one of our 8 certified board dentists. We make sure that each visit ends with a smile! We offer basic dental services such as, crowns, fillings, veneers, and implants. No matter when your last visit to the dentist was, we hope you visit us soon! Until that time, please read our patient testimonials that prove our level of service is exceptional!

The message conveyed is the same, but the tone is different. The first is essentially informational. It’s professional, but comes with no warm invitation and is very “text book” sounding.

The second version (excerpt 2)  is friendlier from beginning to end. It welcomes visitors to the site, it’s still professional, but it helps the users picture a friendly environment. When writing your content, think about how you want your practice to come across and keep a similar tonne through your site. 

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Stay Updated, Stay Fresh!

Add a Blog and News Section

Blog articles, office news and announcements are a great way to keep your site updated, and fresh and shows your patients and potential patients that the information on your dental website is relevant and new. Every business has realized the power of blogging, as it expands your site footprint and keeps your dental website relevant.

Dental Web Design - Blog - Responsive


SEO, Web Design, Digital Marketing For Your Dental Practice

The main thing to consider when creating your dental website is keep your patients in mind as you design and create content. 

To reach more patients online, check out our blog on Dental SEO and Web Design or contact us to start your Dentist Website and Dentist SEO strategy.  647.224.5580

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