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Essential DJs

Corporate & Wedding Toronto DJs
/ Web Design, Branding, SEO

Project Summary

Branding combined with a Simplified Logo, and targeted local SEO campaign rolled out in to a new web design.
Fully Responsive, Quick & Clear Call To Action

Strategy & Planning

We reverse engineered Essential DJ’s local competition and began intensive local keyword research. We then built out a new structure for the site and rolled out a mobile first designed website that makes it easy to for customers to navigate with clear call to actions, and easily found based on the users location.
Balance Designed of Professional look with easy to access information.

Logo, Branding, Physical Design Elements

Showcasing the teams business features, prices, and location information, clients can easily BOOK NOW when navigating anywhere on the site.
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Results & Achievments

A fast, results focussed, easy to use website with Optimal local SEO.
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