Top 12 Reasons Your Website Needs SEO in 2020

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SEO can/will change your business! Read through our top 12 reasons as to why your business will truly benefit from the searchability and visibility SEO offers.
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We are presently living in a time where a company’s online presence has never been so important. Many companies are aware of the benefits of SEO — but we think it is important that we lay out the facts! Our Top 12 Reasons for needing SEO will help you, no matter the industry, understand how you and your business will benefit from using our top of the line SEO services.

1 – SEO Builds Trust and Credibility

We want to make your brand #1 on Google and we will do this by providing a strong focus in establishing Trust and Credibility. How do we do this? Here are the main strategies:

  • Quality backlink profiles
  • Positive user behaviour
  • Machine-learning signals
  • Optimized on-page elements and content

By following these four steps, we will be able to establish a credible presence which will in turn create authority with search engines like Google. Besides the above mentioned strategies we also look to create a clean and effective user experience that allows your business to be easily discovered. Our strategy is effective and proven — but that does not mean it is instant! It is important to remember that all trust is developed over time. In order to create that credibility you must have a strong product and be patient about the progress.


2 – Organic Searches offer the greatest return!

To determine a website’s effectiveness one must inquire into the organic searches. Organic searches will show you the natural flow to your website but also play an integral part in the buyer funnel and therefore customer engagement. No one needs to guess, Google owns most of the search engine real estate. That is not to say that other search engines are not being used, however when Google holds onto 75% of the search engine real estate — you have to follow the numbers. The reality is — people are using Google for just about everything they are doing on the internet. Whether they use it for a search engine (it is #1 search engine in the US), check their email or visit YouTube — everyone is on Google! Being visible on Google will help you reach great lengths! Our high quality SEO and high quality websites will get you there!


3 – Local SEO — more connections.

Supporting local brands is a very popular concept these days. By using Local SEO you will be able to target a specific area for your business needs. Local SEO focuses its attention to establishing a focus in a specific town, cities, region, borough, and province. This allows you to create a focused message for an identified region. Through the use of local citations and backlinks, we will enhance the brand’s website and content. We will also work to create a profile attaching your brand to local relevant listings. As part of the Local SEO focus there is a necessity to establish good reviews, and not just on Google, but other review sites depending on the industry.


4 – It’s a Long-Term Strategy

It is very important to note that SEO is not an overnight change to your business — yes, we will optimize your website and brand — but the real growth takes time! As SEO is a strategy that creates more organic traffic and customer engagement on your website it can only be assumed that this is something that will take time. The ideal timeline for an SEO strategy is to see some kind of growth in the first year. The SEO strategy that we will establish for your company will always be changing. As the market and trends change it is important that we make sure your website is following suit. What does this mean? We are always looking to improve your business! Watching our clients succeed is why we got into this business!


5 – It’s Quantifiable

Although the stats and information gathered about SEO is not as simple as other options like paid ads, there is still a way to analyze the impact. The analytics will focus on the back end, attempting to make links between different movements and engagement. Understanding how and why customers made these decisions is what SEO will look at. As part of your SEO strategy we will establish the items that we must look at in order to gage customer actions or inaction. This is where we will establish next steps and how to improve the overall customer experience. As we discussed the longevity of SEO — we will work to discuss and establish where your company is, where you want to be and where you will be in the future. By establishing this focus and looking at the stats, we as your SEO professionals will establish next steps.



6 – Want to understand the web? SEO will help!

There is a new trend, a new focus, and new ideas every day on the internet! It is our job to understand what these are and apply this to your website. Staying on top of your SEO will mean staying in the know! We will focus our research to establish and understand how other businesses in your area and industry are having success — and plan accordingly.


7 – SEO is adaptable

One way to look at SEO is to look at it as your gateway into new opportunities — and not just opportunities for your company to be discovered, but ones that will help your company flourish! Our team will work to not only understand your brand, but to connect with it. By establishing this connection we will be able to properly support your brand by highlighting the strengths and creating new ones! The same could be said for SEO.


8 – Financial gains

The importance of your online presence is growing each and every day. And what this means for your brand is — you need to be prepared to win over your customer because they are doing the research. No matter the industry there are endless options — we want to make you the #1 option! Focusing your SEO strategy on new products, good deals and groundbreaking changes will help create a strong presence online and trust in the customer.

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9 – Better User Experience

There is a lot of truth in the saying, “the customer is always right.” We would be silly to not acknowledge this, even online! A big part of your SEO strategy will focus on how we can help you create a better user experience. With the growth of SEO, Google has now established guidelines for determining what is a good vs. bad user experience — and this directly impacts your search ranking. The online customer is not the browsing type — they know what they want and know how to find it. Let’s make sure they find your business!


10 – Your money will go far!

Everything has a price — but is the price always worth it? SEO costs money, but it is important to remember that this is not money spent but an investment in your business! As discussed earlier, SEO is a long term strategy — so when looking at time, effort and impact the overall cost is quite minimal. We work on an hourly basis and make sure that every minute used is focused on improving your business.


11 – New Opportunities

SEO helps create a strong brand and focus — but it also allows for new opportunities. Using our SEO strategies we will help you reach out to new audiences, new areas and possibly new industries to help your business grow. We will understand your brand — and therefore understand how it can grow!

12 – You’re #1

At the end of the day — we have one goal — to make you #1 on Google. Think about the last time you looked something up — how far were you really willing to look to find what you want? Probably not too far. We understand the mental process of the online consumer and therefore we understand how to get you to #1.


Final Thoughts

With the current circumstances that we are living under, your business’ online presence has probably taken a higher priority than before. This may be a new, daunting territory. We are here to support, help and improve that presence so that you can become #1!

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